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Another Lousy Millennium is a weekly fan podcast where brothers Luciano and Gabriele Cheng summarize, analyze and quote Futurama episode by episode.

Gabe has spent his life talking about movies and TV, and now with Another Lousy Millennium, someone is finally listening. He left a successful career as a high school teacher and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for writing and entertainment. His first webcomic titled “For Molly” is published for free on He’s an avid pizza enthusiast, he’s surprisingly good at pub trivia and he finds inspiration from the films of Kevin Smith and the novels of Neil Gaiman.

Luke is an engineer, tech entrepreneur and lifelong apostle of all things science fiction. Now with Another Lousy Millennium, he has a chance to share that passion with his brother Gabe and the awesome Futurama community. When he’s not pursuing his first love (working too much), Luke is known to travel, swim, and be conclusively beaten in pub trivia by his brother Gabe. Luke draws inspiration from the likes of Isaac Asimov, Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk, and his family (both numerous and belligerent) who are OK most of the time.

Mar 30, 2021

Go you bastard, kick that football! Ah, you blew it again! Listen in as Luke, Gabe, and special guest Izzie discuss Futurama Season 10, Episode 10: Game of Tones.

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Episode Synopsis: The Planet Express crew journeys into Fry's dreams to pull off a mission in the year 1999.

On this show:

  • Gabe does his impression of Nixon and Yancy Fry arguing in year 1999.
  • Luke proposes a theory as to why the Eiffel Tower is on a antigravity platform
  • Izzie discusses her theories about Fry’s dream physics.
  • Luke and Izzie outvote Gabe on whether or not Tron Legacy is a good movie (hint: it is).
  • Gabe and Izzie draw comparisons between this episode and “Onward”, without spoilers because Luke hasn’t seen it.

Show Notes


Izzy dislikes that creepy sound in the Game of Tones. It gives an impression of horror vibes and reminds her of the movie Annihilation.


Luke: it’s a great vehicle to achieve the point of Fry talking to his family. However, there is no clear structure and consequence of the said episode.


Gabe felt that the planet-destroying spaceship was overcomplicated.


Fry wants to find the source of the tone to save the world, but he needs to reconnect with his Mom. However, there is no specific reason why Fry needs to find his Mom, character-wise, that made things less emotionally impactful.

First Act


Gabe finds the thought spikes intriguing. He sees the “communication function” as a combination of danger and weird because of how it looks (like a paper cone), and you can dispose of it right away.


Fry taking out his clothes and getting a job offer at Lehman Brothers is a specific joke about the 2008 Global Recession.


Gabe thought that the first act did a great job concealing what is about to happen. But his biggest problem with the episode is precisely its strengths. There are hints that Fry misses his family, but there is no compelling reason why he needs to specifically see his mother—what is it in her that he needs to get to fulfill something?


Izzy thought that Fry always had that feeling of missing his past.

Second Act


Luke suggested that rules can be anything in a human dream. It is a combination of different things blended based on emotion rather than the direct memories of reality—a collection of reveries.


Gabe thought that, like the First Act, it suffers from a lack of specificity. It would have been better if Fry said something he has in mind to his Mom.

Third Act

[21:31 – Part 2]

Luke appreciated the show’s nuances in letting the audience fill in the blanks rather than dragging them on the journey. It felt more realistic because not everything you encounter in life fits a hero’s journey narrative.

Theories and Insights

[29:50 – Part 2]

Izzy felt that the writers don’t want Fry’s character to be left without closure losing his family.

[30:46 – Part 2]

Gabe thought that this is a testament to Fry’s character development—starting from being juvenile and immature to be aware of his place in the world and write his own life.

Favorite Episodes about Fry

[32:36 – Part 2]

Luke loved the “The Luck of the Fryrish.” it is a journey about siblings and an essential journey of Fry, Bender, and Leela—the holy trinity.

[34:08 – Part 2]

Izzy corroborates Luke’s opinion, and she loved “The Luck of the Fryrish” because of how you can visibly see the characters’ learning, growth, and development.

[35:20 – Part 2]

Gabe: “Jurassic Park” is the best-written episode of Futurama.

Favorite Quotes

[36:54 – Part 2]

Izzy’s favorite quote was when Leela entered Fry’s dream telling him – “The world is ending, and your dream pants need changing!” and

[37:44 – Part 2]

Luke’s favorite quote was when Fry asked the crew and professor – “Can I have some milk and cookies first?” and the professor gave him what he wished—only in syringed form.

[40:08 – Part 2]

Gabe’s favorite was when Fry went to his old home and saw his Mom saying – “Go, you bastard! Kick that football. Oh, you blew it again!” Fry asked his Mom who was playing only to be told – “Nobody! I’m watching the Charlie Brown special.”

[42:47 – Part 2]

Luke’s last favorite quote was when Yancey commented to Fry– “How are you going to pay off your debt to the Columbia House Record Club if you keep losing jobs?”

[44:56 – Part 2]

Gabe’s last favorite quote when Fry entered his mother’s dream saying – “Hi Mom!” and her Mom responded – “Hi sweetie! Do you want some crackers and a cheese slice hat?”