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Another Lousy Millennium is a weekly fan podcast where brothers Luciano and Gabriele Cheng summarize, analyze and quote Futurama episode by episode.

Gabe has spent his life talking about movies and TV, and now with Another Lousy Millennium, someone is finally listening. He left a successful career as a high school teacher and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for writing and entertainment. His first webcomic titled “For Molly” is published for free on He’s an avid pizza enthusiast, he’s surprisingly good at pub trivia and he finds inspiration from the films of Kevin Smith and the novels of Neil Gaiman.

Luke is an engineer, tech entrepreneur and lifelong apostle of all things science fiction. Now with Another Lousy Millennium, he has a chance to share that passion with his brother Gabe and the awesome Futurama community. When he’s not pursuing his first love (working too much), Luke is known to travel, swim, and be conclusively beaten in pub trivia by his brother Gabe. Luke draws inspiration from the likes of Isaac Asimov, Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk, and his family (both numerous and belligerent) who are OK most of the time.

Apr 8, 2020

I see your mother, the water Mutant, didn't raise any fools, Turanga Leela! Perhaps they speak perfect English... As do we.  Listen in as Luke and Gabe discuss Futurama Season 8, Episode 13: Reincarnation.

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Episode Synopsis: The planet express crew is reconceived in three alternate animation styles: classic black and white, old school video game and Japanese anime.

On this show:

  • Luke regales us with tales of his childhood, playing The Secret of Monkey Island (TM) on the SCUMM game engine.
  • Gabe takes the fleischer animation style way too seriously, and breaks down his extensive research
  • Gabe and Luke have all the same favorite quotes, and they’re all from the anime segment
  • Gabe walks us through the special technique the animators used to animate each segment
  • Gabe and Luke rank their favorite segments from the episode

Show Notes:

Breaking down the episode


Luke played quite a few video games, especially the ones that are modeled off of the animation that they use in the second portion of this episode. He was impressed of this episode


Gabe think that this is definitely a coming from a place of love similar to the no fan has gone before episode where it's not about parodying or well it is about parroting but it's not about making fun of something because you don't like it.

Animation Styles and Music


There's a lot of changes in here, a lot of different costumes, a lot of different animation styles, and they're all really really great, just absolutely stunning and really something that I look forward to.


What stood out to Gabe about this episode was the music.


the makeup of the characters is very well kept. There's a significant change between what they look like in their normal e trauma world and what they look like now, but they still are completely recognizable as the characters.

First Act


This is something that we actually see very frequently in NP trauma, where they're three dimensional objects interacting with two dimensional objects. But of course, it's all done digitally.


Lila's exact quote is I love this time of day, there's such a beautiful stillness. It's not really made clear whether or not the characters are aware that their world is balancing, it could just be that like us humans in this world are not aware of the temperatures of all the atoms in our body. They're not aware of the bounciness of their own world.


Leila says, fry, I don't need a diamond, you've given me the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen all the colors of the spectrum. Frye says not beautiful enough as well gal like you deserves better. And this is where we first encountered the limitations motif that Gabe was talking about in the beginning of the episode. Gabe remember really loving it.


For Luke It is paying a loving homage to the cartooning style, but it's also a very David x Cohen, future drama writer, Futurama animator style troll.


Gabe think it's just a great segment visually, a great omaze and just really great to watch.


Second Act


Luke  think it's just a great segment visually, a great omaze and just really great to watch.


Lila turns to Francis Hey fry, I know something you could lay bare and then I says Lila. I'm trying to listen to a physics lecture. Gabe loves this joke.


This particular segment of future challenge 3000 was actually done entirely in Photoshop. According to the audio commentary was drawn on a one and a half inch canvas, or the frames are drawn on one and a half inch canvases with a one pixel Pencil tool.


Third Act


Gabe remember watching the first few seconds of this episode and my eyes like literally popping out of on his head. had a huge smile on my face, and  thought, Oh, this is gonna be good


the voice acting is just perfectly executed. Like everything about this segment is just so great.


It’s no longer a workplace comedy as it was in the previous two segments.


For Luke the subtitle dialogue is so onpoint.

Favorite Segments


Luke loved the 3 segment which features anime style and lked the professor the most.


Thee one that Gabe don't want to say dislike because Gabe do like it, but it is the one that looks the least, like the futurama  my character is Fry in this anime


Even though Luke don't watch anime he liked the  subtitle dialogue game in this episode.


For luke the number two is the video game one and my number one is the Anime part he reason why is because luke have a very strong nostalgic connection to the video game style. And I have very little connection to the Fleischer style.

Favorite Quotes

[1:09:00– Part 2]

Tne line from scruffy in the video game part of the episode was one of the favorite lines Gabe loved and it's when they are looking at the particle, the makeup of all things or all mad or whatever. And they're talking about how the details are so finely rotten and the intricate beauty of the particle and scruffy says, :hm mirror and discography soul.”


Luke Liked the one of the alien proposes and the other alien just says blog blog 1000 times.

[42:47 – Part 2]

Gabe liked when Lila is back in the planet X was conference room she says “what is that box you old witch” referring to the professor and the professor responds “Haha, I will never tell you it's a deep space of motion detector.”

[44:56 – Part 2]

Gabe’s last favorite quote when Fry entered his mother’s dream saying – “Hi Mom!” and her Mom responded – “Hi sweetie! Do you want some crackers and a cheese slice hat?”