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Another Lousy Millennium is a weekly fan podcast where brothers Luciano and Gabriele Cheng summarize, analyze and quote Futurama episode by episode.

Gabe has spent his life talking about movies and TV, and now with Another Lousy Millennium, someone is finally listening. He left a successful career as a high school teacher and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for writing and entertainment. His first webcomic titled “For Molly” is published for free on He’s an avid pizza enthusiast, he’s surprisingly good at pub trivia and he finds inspiration from the films of Kevin Smith and the novels of Neil Gaiman.

Luke is an engineer, tech entrepreneur and lifelong apostle of all things science fiction. Now with Another Lousy Millennium, he has a chance to share that passion with his brother Gabe and the awesome Futurama community. When he’s not pursuing his first love (working too much), Luke is known to travel, swim, and be conclusively beaten in pub trivia by his brother Gabe. Luke draws inspiration from the likes of Isaac Asimov, Benjamin Franklin, Elon Musk, and his family (both numerous and belligerent) who are OK most of the time.

Jul 18, 2019

Listen in as Luke and Gabe kick the ass of Inspector 5 by kicking the asses of Inspector 2 and 3, and discuss Futurama Season 7 Episode 6: Lethal Inspection.

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On this show:

  • Luke and Gabe debate how the dialog between Bender and Hermes sounds when they are alone.
  • Gabe reveals the origin voice of Roger the Alien from American Dad
  • Gabe and Luke debate why Hermes would swallow a calculator to gain it’s power
  • Gabe reveals what was in Alienese on the paper that Leela hid
  • Gabe points out that Hermes is the sole driver of the plot.  Luke is impressed.